February 15, 2019

Android conventions

A complex environment Working on a daily basis with Android can be quite hard: it’s a constant battle to find best practices and stay up to date. If you have already worked on backend applications, you might expect to find a framework or a tool that wil guide you toward a better code base. There are some, but none of them are endorsed by Google or any reliable entity and thus maintainable. ... Read more

January 15, 2019

About Visual Studio Code

Edit 2019-08-28: made conclusion clearer. What is Visual Studio Code? Visual Studio Code is an editor created by Microsoft that was initally derived from Github’s Atom. It is an extensible and modern text editor/IDE. It supports many programming languages. What was wrong As described in a previous article, I’ve been using Atom as an IDE for a few years. I refused to migrate to Visual Studio Code since Microsoft was not fair play with app distubution that was not free software. ... Read more

October 15, 2018

Thoughts on CDNs

Edit 2019-08-30: add misinformation paragraph. CDN are great tools. They allow to distribute dependencies of web pages efficiently. However, they might be breaking the Internet: here is why. Why would you use a CDN? DRY The main idea behind CDN is the good practice of avoiding repetitions (DRY). Nowaday, the vast majority of web pages contains JavaScript libraries. With a CDN, the library is distributed through a third party service: instead of loading it from the website you are visiting, you load it from somewhere else. ... Read more

May 1, 2018

About Atom

Atom is a text editor published by GitHub since 2014. It’s based on Electron, a technology that allows desktop applications to be made with web technologies. In recent years, it has established itself becoming a widely used tool despite criticism. Electron Atom’s specificity is its rendering system that is the same used by websites. It comes with a lot of freedom for developers, but also the heaviness. The version of Atom 1. ... Read more

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