I have been fascinated by computers since I’m 8 when I have been able to touch a keyboard and experiment computing for the first time. Even if games were at that time way more interesting, I was very astonished by small batch scripts that launched various programs on my Windows machine.

When I was 12, I discovered what will became Firefox and the concept of “open-source”. Once again it was very astonished that the sources of this amazing program were available. I continued playing with small scripts and created my firsts web pages.

A few years later, I decided to make it a job and started my studies in computer science. After graduation, I began to work, first as a Java/Play developper and then as an Android developper, in a small start up that rapidly grown.

Now, I’m a passionate professional developer and a free software activist. I usually work with GNU/Linux, Android, and server side technologies, but I also have knowledge and experience on many other computer science techniques.



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