Goals of this website

The reasons why this website is online are quite simple:

  • share knowledge;
  • learn by teaching;
  • organize and sort my thoughts;
  • evaluate opinions;

This blog is a support that helps me sharing my development experiences. This is also a way for me to structure arguments and take effective decisions on a few subjects.


Why is there no comment system on this website ?

  • I prefer spending my time in new content rather than in comment moderation.
  • You can already comment. There are a few websites like Reddit, lobste.rs, or journalduhacker (in french) that are designed to comment links. But basically any plateform that supports comments and links will do the job. Pick one and comment freely! You can also contact me on Mastodon.
  • Static websites generally involves less maintenance.


You might notice that english is not my mother tongue. I use it on this blog to practice my writtings skills and reach more people.

  • The current licence allows translation, so feel free to translate any of my posts.
  • You can reach me on Mastodon if you see any mistake.


I have been fascinated by computers since I’m 8 when I have been able to touch a keyboard and experiment computing for the first time. Even if games were at that time way more interesting, I was very astonished by small batch scripts that launched various programs on my Windows machine.

When I was 12, I discovered what will became Firefox and the concept of “open-source”. Once again it was very astonished that the sources of this amazing program were available. I continued playing with small scripts and created my firsts web pages.

A few years later, I decided to make it a job and started my studies in computer science. After graduation, I began to work, first as a Java/Play developper and then as an Android developper, in a small start up that rapidly grown.

Now, I’m a passionate professional developer and a free software activist. I usually work with GNU/Linux, Android, and server side technologies, but I also have knowledge and experience on many other computer science techniques.

Technical informations

This blog is generated with Hugo and a modified version of the Hemingway theme. It is available through https thanks to Let’s encrypt and deployed using Gitlab Pages.



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