May 1, 2018

About Atom

Atom is a text editor published by GitHub since 2014. It’s based on Electron, a technology that allows desktop applications to be made with web technologies. In recent years, it has established itself becoming a widely used tool despite criticism. Electron Atom’s specificity is its rendering system that is the same used by websites. It comes with a lot of freedom for developers, but also the heaviness. The version of Atom 1. ... Read more

April 25, 2018

The temptation of React Native

Developing a mobile application has become very complex. The tools are legion and the native environments are more and more evolved. In this context, React Native seems to be an elegant solution. What are all these React* things? React Native is a Facebook technology that allows you to create native mobile applications on Android and iOS from the same code. It should not be confused with React that is used to create client side web apps, or even ReactiveX, a set of tools for processing data flows. ... Read more

April 1, 2018

The case against webviews

Many Android applications offer the use of an integrated browser. Under this name, which is not always clear to everyone, lies the notion of webview. In this article, I will talk about those I know best, those of Android, but these findings also apply in whole or in part to other platforms: gtk, qt, iOS… A good tool too often misused Webviews allow developers to display web pages in their applications. ... Read more

May 2, 2014

How to get a working Jamestown's DLC under GNU/Linux

I bought Jamestown through the Humble indie bundle. This is a nice game, but a bit too short, so even if I really don’t like DLC, I bought the Gunpowder Plot. However, I did not payed attention and even if the game is cross-platform, the DLC is only available on Windows. So I installed it in a VM and looked at the extracted data : they look exactly like on GNU/Linux. ... Read more

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