How to get a working Jamestown's DLC under GNU/Linux

I bought Jamestown through the Humble indie bundle. This is a nice game, but a bit too short, so even if I really don’t like DLC, I bought the Gunpowder Plot.

However, I did not payed attention and even if the game is cross-platform, the DLC is only available on Windows. So I installed it in a VM and looked at the extracted data : they look exactly like on GNU/Linux. I copied the DLC’s folder to a GNU/Linux install of Jamestown and it worked.

Here are the instructions:

  • Get the same version of Jamestown under GNU/Linux and Windows
  • Install the Windows version
  • Install the Gunpowder, Treason, & Plot DLC
  • Go to INSTALL_DIR/Archives and copy DLC_GunpowderPlot
  • Go to your GNU/Linux machine and install Jamestown
  • Copy DLC_GunpowderPlot in INSTALL_DIR/Archives
  • Of course, check that you have enough rights on the folder

Jamestown with DLC running under GNU/Linux

When you start the game, you will now notice that the DLC is installed.