Toxiproxy is a tool created by shopify to simulate network load. It is composed of a server running in the background, and a CLI interface allowing it to be populated with the proxies that interest us and their network characteristics.

Toxiproxy’s logo

It’s really handy to test and analyse network capacities of any app as it also displays everything it catches acting like a MITM tool.

Since the readme file on Github is a bit complex, here’s how to use it from the command line for a basic usage.

Start toxiproxy server


Create a proxy

toxiproxy-cli create devserver -l -u

Add a toxic (add an operation on proxy, ie. latency)

toxiproxy-cli toxic add devserver -t latency -a latency=30000 --toxicName latence30

Delete a toxic

toxiproxy-cli toxic remove devserver --toxicName latence30